How it works

Secora lets PCS agencies support multiple clients without giving up intimacy.

What we offer


Somewhat Unique Insights

The activity data collected by the system highlights interesting patterns or possible areas of concern:

  • Changes in your clients’ patterns of daily activity help you keep them safe and make you aware of immediate needs
  • Longer term trend analysis helps you understand changing care needs


Intelligent Alerts

You can be automatically notified of changes:

  • Alerts can go to caregivers, on-call staff, or a 24×7 monitoring center
  • Alerts can be urgent (i.e. a possible fall) or informative (the client had a restless night)
  • Passive fall detection means clients don’t have to push any buttons


Easy Investigation

You can assess the situation remotely to determine the nature of the situation:

  • Two-way voice communication directly to the client-worn pendant (our patented EZHelp button) lets you speak easily and promptly with a client
  • Optional remotely-controllable cameras give you immediate insights into what’s happening in the client’s home


Appropriate Response

Based on your investigation, you can determine the best course of action:

  • Many times “emergency” measures aren’t required; incident notes let caregivers know what to expect on the next visit
  • In urgent situations, caregivers can make phone calls – right through the website – to family members and emergency services, relaying fast, accurate information


A preconfigured, easy-to-deploy kit runs in the background 24×7 to analyze and report on important incidents or trends.


EZHelp Pendant

Our patented EZHelp pendant has automatic fall detection and two-way call capabilities. It provides on-demand communications without requiring a phone.


Activity Sensors

Secure wireless sensors in the key living areas provide insights into typical activities (for example, sleeping and eating patterns or frequency of visitors).


Optional Cameras

Secure wireless cameras with night-vision and remote-control capabilities allow viewing of public spaces in the elders’ home without direct intervention


Communications Hub

A small, tamper-proof and secure wireless device connects all of these devices to your office or a 24×7 monitoring center. There is no need for internet or phone service.


Simple Web Interface

Care Coordinators can investigate and respond to insights or alerts through a simple web interface. They can review trends, view and talk to clients, and manage on-call coverage for multiple clients.

Summary of open incidents

Daily activity timeline


Investigation tools


How is this different from Philips LifeLine or other “panic buttons”?
Philips LifeLine and other personal emergency response systems (PERS) are simply ways for the elder to get help; some require a button push to activate and others can be triggered automatically under certain conditions. They generally do not provide any insights into the activities or patterns of the user; they do not provide for easy, unobtrusive ways (such as our website and/or optional cameras) to investigate potential issues. They also do not provide the functionality needed for personal care service (PCS) providers to provide high-value offerings to their clients.


How does this help my PCS business?
There are several ways offering this system improves your business.

  1. Secora provides you competitive differentiation – potential clients can see how your company is different and able to provider better and more cost-effective service than your competition.
  2. It provides you with an additional product offering: a cost effective safety net to help provide greater safety and peace-of-mind.
  3. The system allows you to have a lower cost alternative to hands-on care for very cost-conscious clients.
  4. The solution also allows you to change your product offering for your high-use, 24×7 clients by augmenting hands-on care with technology.

There are a great many additional benefits that we can discuss with you; just drop us a line!


How much does it cost?
The exact pricing of the system is determined by the personal care service provider, but it is very cost effective.


What about privacy?
The system uses secure links, similar to those used in the banking industry.  Information for a given client is only available to his/her caregivers or other people who have a specific “need to know”.  The optional cameras also use a secure link.


How do the alerts and the 24×7 monitoring work?
Alerts can go to a variety of professional caregivers.  Typically, the first tier of alerts go to the personal care service provider who offers the system; this is ideal since these caregivers know their clients and have the context to investigate and provide the appropriate level or response.  Alerts can also go to a 24×7 response center; this provides added safety.  Finally, if there has been no action on an urgent alert after the appropriate period of time, it is automatically sent to the local emergency services provider


This sounds like a lot of technology, which isn’t my business. How easy is it to use or install?
Installation is as easy as plugging in the devices and putting them in the appropriate room of your client’s home.  The system is preconfigured and labeled.


Do you sell directly to elders or their families?
No. This system is specifically designed to help personal care service providers augment the care they provide.

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